CARTA was only 14 years old when he laid hands on his first controller, a moment which would unknowingly lay the foundations for his future in music. Born of Italian and Chinese ethnicity in Hong Kong and raised in Shanghai, CARTA enriched himself by adopting a groovier, garage infused musical signature during his years spent in the UK studying.

When he returned to Shanghai in 2014, CARTA established himself as a solid force in the electronic music and nightlife scene in just a year’s time. He garnered both the support of all the local DJs and captivated fans young and seasoned with his high-energy live performances.

CARTA is known for his highly energetic presence as well as his passion to grow in his ever- evolving sound. Always open for every positive influence, he strives to key up his skills and musical knowledge where possible. Being named China’s first DJ to enter DJ Mag’s Top 100 and Asia’s 2017 No. 1 DJ is just the beginning.


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