D’ort is a Frenchcore producer from the Netherlands. At the age of 13, he started producing and one year later he started playing the piano. Fast-forward to five years later, he now has a unique style where he combines his love for classical music with the rawness and energy that Frenchcore has to offer. With the music that D’ort brings to the scene, a thriving and exciting career is in prospect!

Starting from 2022, D’ort also released his very first album. The Book of D’ort contains 16 tracks produced in multiple themes that represents the versatility that both Max and the genre have to offer. Influences from classical music, hard pounding kicks but also room for some fun and joyful influences, this album shows his wide production skills on a broad scale. Also as an performing artist he is already making name for himself. Performing at massive stages such as Warsteiner Music Hall in Germany and Intents Festival in The Netherlands, the career of Max is already sky-rocketing, which is noticed by many of the biggest acts in the scene as well, who offer him major support along the way.

D’ort is really someone to keep an eye on as he will bring you the future of Frenchcore!


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