Beginning his musical journey in 2012, Myron, also known as JGSW, has been a creative individual with a passion for making Hardstyle music. His passion has grown into an enormous dedication to grow as an artist and a musician with a mission to get to the top of the game. Going left where others would go right, his sound takes you on a voyage where non other has taken you before, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Back in 2016 his path took him to X-Bone, later to be known as ScantraxxÊProspexx, where he continued to develop his skills and take a peek into the industry he would later call his home. In need of a new challenge, he has been wandering far and wide to reach the ultimate destination.

Under the wing of the dragon, Myron has joined Art Of Creation: Eternity to explore new heights and stand amongst giants.


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