Joey Riot


A certified legend in Harder Styles, Joey Riot has traversed the different genres of this umbrella over the years with confident prowess. One of the pioneers of UK Hardcore at the start of his career, Joey launched his award winning label 'Lethal Theory' and released hundreds of tracks on singles and albums to critical acclaim including special releases in Japan. His early sound took him to the pinnacle of UK success but the scene he adored had a ceiling and he had taken this path as far as it could go.

New challenges beckoned as he looked to Europe. Always one to champion the 'harder' sounds in his performances, Joey set his sights on the Hardcore scene. His Destructive Tendencies project saw him not only learn how to produce a new genre of music at the highest level but also to go on to play the biggest stages at most of the major European festivals and then the rest of the world in just a few short years.

During the Pandemic this nonstop grafter re-evaluated his career path and wrote a brand new album that shot him back to the forefront of the Harder Styles with This Is Powerstomp Volume 3. He has taken everything he has learned from his extensive career to create a new and exciting sound that, coupled with years of destroying stages across the globe, is set to bringÊ one of the most exciting acts that any stage could wish to be graced with.

He now sets his sights on new challenges and conquering new markets with his unique sound and energetic performances by joining our roster.

His connection with his fans is what drives him and it shows with every single performance. On stage he gives every ounce of energy every time he plays and it always ends with the crowd chanting his name...Joey, Joey, Joey F**kin Riot!


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