Proactive HC


A new collective is about to shake up the hardcore scene from within. Two experienced guys in the hardcore music industry are planning to bring hardcore at its purest back on stage.

Meet Proactive HC! Represented by Sander Boulonois on stage and the legendary Drokz in the studio, this duo will combine forces to show what hardcore music is truly about.

If the development in music doesn’t align with how you would like it to change, you can either sit back and complain or be proactive and show how it’s done. Proactive HC does just that and nothing else. Sander is a new kid on the block if it comes to on-stage performing, but a well- known name after years of backstage experience. Combining the years of experience Drokz is bringing to the table with the fresh vibe of Sander, Proactive HC is here to stay. No limits, no restrictions, just pure mother*cking hardcore to the bone. Keep an eye on these guys!


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