Giulio Destefanis and Simone Calvino better known as Krowdexx, were born in 1996 in Alba, a little city in the north of Italy.

After years of hard work, at the end of 2015 the Dutch label “X-RAW Records” has decided to release their first track “Y.A.T.”. During this period, they released many tracks like “Deatmatch”, “Castaway” and “#INYOURFACE”.

Fast-forward to the 5th of November 2016 when Krowdexx performed for the first time in Holland, at “Radical Redemption – Militant Mayhem”; which put their name on everybody’s radar.

During the first months of 2017, they signed with the UK label “Gearbox Digital”. From here, they’ve had the opportunity to grow up and collaborate with big artists like Malice and Thyron and releasing an EP on the prestigious label “Scantraxx Records” at the beginning of 2018. During 2019 their release “Bassline Homicide” together with Physika hitting the #3 position and “Rawstars” #2 on the main hardstyle chart of the world. In 2023 they released their debut album "ICONS" including hits as "LOSE IT" and "Time To Shine". They’ve played at many important festivals like Intents Festival, Defqon1, The Qontinent, Fatality and Masif Saturdays in Australia.

The career of these rising artists is looking brighter than ever, the right way to success!


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